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Savoury, creative aromatic bitter y Floral Punch, a vibrant & fragrant liqueur

A creative aromatic bitter

Floral Punch

A vibrant & fragrant liqueur

A revolution that starts in the garden

The essence of Gardeum is a relentless pursuit of flavour. We have united the sciences of taste and flavour to develop revolutionary products in the world of food and beverage. Every process is taken care of: from the organic harvesting of the most incredible natural ingredients to the avant-garde and sophisticated product design. We want to preserve the purity and aromas of our garden so that you may experience them at their best.


Discover our products:

Gardeum Savoury

aromatic bitter

We have conceived Savoury as a gourmet ingredient. Thanks to the pure extract of spilanthol, an active molecule from the Acmella oleracea flower, we have created a flavour enhancer that opens up a whole world of possibilities for cocktail and restaurant enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

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Gardeum Savoury
Gardeum Floral Punch

Gardeum Floral Punch

vibrant & fragrant liqueur

Floral colours, flavours and fragrances are the soul of Gardeum, a handcrafted liqueur made from the exquisite flower, Acmella oleracea. The process from plant cultivation to manufacture produces a vibrant and fragrant drink of complex nuances that walks the fine line between liqueurs and perfumes.

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