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Savoury, creative aromatic bitter y Floral Punch, a vibrant & fragrant liqueur


More flavour

Discover a unique product capable of intensifying flavours. Savoury is a liquid with vibrant and refreshing citrus notes that stimulates taste sensations.

As a condiment, it is perfect for adding an umami touch to dishes and drinks. But it can also be taken straight: a few drops help cleanse the palate and welcome new flavours.


Culinary use

Culinary use

Pure spilanthol extract increases the intensity of flavours, making Savoury a natural alternative to other flavour enhancers such as MSG, wasabi, salt or hot peppers. It is an ideal ingredient to bring out the tastes and the freshness of any dish. Let your imagination fly.

In sauces and other mixes

Add 1-3 drops per 6 gr (depending on the desired intensity) to all kinds of sauces, creams and doughs.

As a seasoning

Sprinkle it over fish, meat, seafood, salads or desserts.


Use in cocktails

Use in cocktails

Thanks to its refreshing quality and its ability to sustain the bubbles, Savoury is a must-have ingredient for any bartender or mixology aficionado. Savoury intensifies the citrus tang in sours, fizzes, Collinses and other cocktails as well as accentuates flavours in general. It is an original and more effective option than the saline solutions commonly used in mixology.

Alcoholic drinks

Add 1-2 drops per 1oz in cocktails, sparkling wines, aperitifs, fermented drinks, etc.

Non-alcoholic drinks

Add 2-3 drops per 1oz in non-alcoholic cocktails, carbonated soft drinks, smoothies, kombuchas, etc.

Other ideas

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