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A vision for the future

Discovering the amazing effects of spilanthol, the active ingredient in Acmella oleracea, led us to realise that even the humblest of flowers holds its secrets. If a single plant can open up such a range of sensory possibilities, then our garden is full of treasures. This vision has encouraged us to continue our research to create innovative products with intense organoleptic properties and high quality from natural ingredients.

New ingredients

The plant kingdom is home to a multitude of species with extraordinary properties and unsuspected gastronomic applications. Our aim is to be pioneers in imagining and putting them into practice.

Research space in the middle of nature

To understand the botanical properties of each plant we need to know all its vital stages and the only way to achieve this is to cultivate without chemicals, using only ancestral and ecological techniques that bring out the plants’ inherent qualities naturally.

In search of unique sensations

Our passion for cocktails and perfumery is what allows us to extract the purest active ingredients and delight you with new gustative experiences. We unite the artisanal and innovative techniques of both of those arts with the conviction that flavour perception is still a field to be explored.

Gardeum. An open-air laboratory

We have integrated years of research, study and passion into every Gardeum project in order to achieve the highest possible quality. To accomplish this we have developed foodtech methods that are respectful of both the environment and human values that characterise us. We are firm advocates of innovation while preserving the authenticity of natural ingredients and respecting the principles of sustainability.

Growing the raw material that is at the basis of Gardeum’s products provides a multitude of benefits. Thanks to our garden, we can get to know each species in depth, learn about its qualities and discover its perfect ripening point. In order to carry out this botanical research it is essential to promote biodiversity and the natural cycle of plants, which is why we apply eco-sustainable agriculture.

Synonymous with quality and elegance

With our designs of graceful and brilliant lines, inspired by the arts & crafts and the art nouveau movements, we want to capture and transmit the instant in which sensations explode when we enter a garden full of aromas, freshness and light. Happiness is found in enjoying each moment, working with care and patience and appreciating beauty in the simplicity of details.

Our ambition is to make Gardeum a brand that is accessible to anyone looking for quality and excellence. Let the purity and aromas of our garden reach anywhere on the planet.

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