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Savoury, creative aromatic bitter y Floral Punch, a vibrant & fragrant liqueur

Floral Punch

Vibrant & fragrant liqueur

We define Gardeum as a vibrant and fragrant liqueur, a drink with complex nuances that runs the fine line that distinguishes liqueurs from perfumes: both share aromatic structure, intensity and evocative power. Its particularity is a soft and lasting vibration on the palate and an aromatic explosion of high perfumery. An immersive experience that captivates the senses.

Vibrant: Gardeum is a highly extravagant liqueur and a true flavour enhancer thanks to the Acmella oleracea flower and its active molecule, spilanthol, which stimulates the perception of flavours and amplifies nuances.

Fragrant: the heritage of perfumery has allowed us to create a fragrant liqueur with notes that bring sensuality, intensity and balance to your palate. Each of the Gardeum aromas are the chords that make up a beautiful harmony reminiscent of the dreamlike vision of the garden.


Head notes

Head notes
  • Citric: Satsuma mandarin
  • Acidic: Baobab
  • Fragrant: Szechuan berry

Heart notes

Heart notes
  • Sensual: : Sambac jasmine
  • Persistent: Yellow rose
  • Gourmet: Sea buckthorn

Base notes

Base notes
  • Gentle: Iris roots
  • Elegant: Melilotus
  • Intense: Ambrette seed

Flavour profile

Floral flavour with persisting citrus, soft notes on the palate of exotic fruit and fresh vegetables, with an elegant final woody coumarin touch.

Spilanthol activity

Within our profile it adds the freshness and enhances the flavour as well as the salty notes of the other ingredients with which it is mixed.


  • Woody 11 %
  • Yellow Flower 36 %
  • Orange Citrus 27 %
  • Tropical Fruit 15 %
  • Green Herbal 11 %

Food pairing

Food pairing

Salty: sushi, ceviche. Enhances salinity.

Gourmet: Mediterranean herbs, curry. Accentuates freshness.

Umami: aged cheese, caviar, seafood. Stimulates salivation.

Other recommended pairings: mandarin sorbet, exotic
fruits, peach marmalade, chocolate desserts.


Drink paring

Drink paring

Refreshing: Gimlet, Fizz, Collins & Champagne cocktails.
Enhances freshness.

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